Six Fun and Easy Ways to Save Money at Home

While it seems that the price of everything from gas to milk keeps increasing, there are ways to save money at home. Luckily, saving money doesn’t need to involve cutting back, being miserable, or removing luxuries you are accustomed to. Want to know the six best ways to save money and maybe have a bit more fun in the process? Here’s a list of ways to cut your bills each month. And for more information on anything listed below, visit a website like today.

Six Ways to Save

1. What appliance do you use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? There is only one thing in your home that gets a workout all day, every day, and that’s your fridge. Unless you like eating rotten food, your fridge is one of the most important parts of your home. And while it helps to satisfy your hunger, it has an insatiable appetite for energy. If your fridge is more than 15 years old, it’s worth replacing. Modern fridges use approximately 10% of the energy an older fridge might. Best of all, many power companies will haul your old one away (for free) and provide you with a rebate for your new one.

2. Saving money can be fun, and one of the best ways to have fun while saving money is to buy a new television. If you are still using a CRT or projection television, it’s time to upgrade to LED or LCD technology. Modern televisions not only support higher resolutions and bigger screens, but they can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

3. Unless you like washing your clothes by hand, you probably put your washing machine through a strenuous workout every day. Modern washing machines will save you more money than you might realize. In fact, a new washing machine will cost you between $10 and $50 a year to operate (depending on how often you wash). Older washers would cost 10 times that (or more).

4. If you can (and do) hang your clothes out to dry after washing them, you don’t need to worry about buying a new dryer. However, for those of you who don’t like airing your clean (or dirty) laundry in public, your dryer will get just as much of a workout as your washer. And, like your washer, a modern model will only cost you a couple dollars a month to run.

5. If you live somewhere that gets warm in the summer and cool in the winter, then you rely heavily on your furnace and cooler. Both units will use more energy than any single item in your house (on average). Modern heating and cooling options are so advanced that, even if you spend thousands of dollars to completely replace your HVAC system (including duct work), you will pay for the cost of installation in a couple of years and do nothing but save money for years to come.

6. You probably have a long list of gadgets and devices you use every day for fun. From phones to tablets, modern devices can do just about anything. One way to save money by making your home more energy efficient is to connect your home to your phone. Through a variety of simple apps and programs, you can shut off or turn on your home’s lights no matter where you are, preventing you from wasting electricity while you are away.

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Secrets on How to Find the Perfect Vacuum Cleaner

Do a search online for vacuum belts. You will probably find a long list of breakage complaints. These bands are a necessary part in many models. Without them, the cleaning appliances are useless. It is a problem that exists in many designs, even in more expensive models. How can you prevent ending up with a lemon? Talk to experts. The staff members at stores like Hampton Appliance sell canisters and uprights from different manufacturers. Simply ask them what the scoop is on replacement parts and regular maintenance. Vacuum cleaners need TLC just like other home appliances. How do you know which device is ideal for your unique situation? You may find the following suggestions quite helpful.

1. Price Does Not Always Reflect Quality

Quite often, the materials and parts used in the manufacturing of quality products make the item sturdier and longer lasting. However, that is not always the case. The best vacuums are not necessarily the most expensive ones. High-priced products get more advertising. Fascinating commercials and full-page ads in magazines make them attractive. It does not mean that just because a lot of them are sold that they are your best option. Ask acquaintances which model and brand they prefer. Inquire why they like their specific cleaning tool so much. Find consumer reports and reviews as well. Make sure that they are unbiased.

2. Determine Your Needs

Consider the types of surfaces you are cleaning. Do you have carpets, hardwood, or ceramic tiles? Do you live in a small apartment or a mansion? Do kids often make a mess? Some dog breeds lose a lot of hair. If you like gardening, you may drag in a lot of dirt. Each household’s situation is different, and that is why you have to determine the size and cleaning capacity of your ideal vacuum cleaner.

3. Look for Smart Features

Do you have trouble bending down or reaching the on/off switch with your foot? An upright may be more suitable for you. If you have carpeted rooms, find a design with a motorized powerhead. It cleans better than suction alone. Make sure you have several brushes for upholstery, draperies, and other delicate fabrics. Can you adjust the height of the vacuum? Carpets can be ruined if the suction heads are too close.

4. Comparison Shop

Check a couple of retailers once you have decided which vacuum cleaner you want to buy. Print out several advertisements. Smart stores will match the prices their competitors offer. Ask dealers for their policies if you do not want to waste time. No sense in going to a shop that refuses to cooperate with customers.

5. Research Is Not Enough

You can research for hours and still end up disappointed? Why is this possible? Nothing can compare to experience. The vacuum cleaner your best friend has is not necessarily ideal for your household. Therefore, try before you buy. Visit a local store like Hampton Appliance. Ask the clerk if you can try out the model you are interested in. Explore the various controls and features. Pull, push, and turn corners. Lift the model to see if you could manage dragging it up or down the stairs. Act as if you are cleaning your house. It is the best way to get a real feel for the device.

Inventory to Purchase for Skate Shops

Skating is not just a hobby; it is a lifestyle. Any skater will tell you that. They frequent skate shops in Atlanta not just for skateboards but items that relate to the sport as well. This could include stickers, posters, clothes, and other merchandise. If you intend to open up a skate shop, you’ll have to be very well versed in this culture to know what sells. Use your research and this guide to know what inventory to purchase for your shop.


Of course, supply your shop with skateboards and their parts. Invest in wheels, decks, and trucks. Wheel styles may be old school or standard. Skate trucks should come from 3 to 4 manufactures for variety. Make sure you have grip tape for the decks. They may be printed, black, colored, or die cut. Also, size should be offered from 7.5 to 8.25. You’ll need beginner skates through advanced skates since you’ll be catering to all level of skill. As for accessories, invest in wax, bushings, T-tools, mounting hardware, and bearings. Find out which brands are the most popular and which have the best reputations. Order these from catalogs and talk to brand dealers. Come up with a purchase plan and look for special rates and deals. Buy in bulk from the manufacturer and skip the middleman. 


No skate shop is complete without merchandise to appease the fan culture. So know your brands. Element, Girl, Zero, Alien, Plan B, World Industries, and Birdhouse are a few favorites. For many skaters, it’s all about the brand and wearing it. These companies will manufacture stickers, shoes, clothes, posters, and so on. You can give out some of these items for free on the day of your grand opening. Converse and Vans are also popularly worn by the skater crowd. In addition, look for products that have a famous skater on them. Or perhaps obtain items that have funny quotes or skate-related humor. To appeal to the parents, stock up on safety gear. Helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads cannot be forgotten at skate shops in Atlanta. With these tips and suggestions, you should break into the skating industry just fine.

Tips for Shopping for Recliners

A recliner is a great addition to any room. It fits well with other furniture in the living room and is a very comfortable chair to sit in. Most people enjoy sitting in a recliner rather than on a couch. There are a lot of different types of recliners out there to choose from. When you go shopping for recliners in Edmonton, you’ll need to decide what you want in order to narrow down your options and find the perfect chair to put in your house. 

Choosing a Design

As you shop for recliners, you will notice that there are a lot of different designs. This is because everyone has their own preference in what they find most comfortable, and you will need to find your preference. Some recliners have a handle that allows you to put up the footrest and begin to lean the seat backward. Others have a mechanism that will automatically put up the footrest when you begin to lean back. Some recliners need to be plugged into the wall and have a button that will electrically lift the footrest as far up as you want it to go. There are a lot of different ways to control the chair. 

Recliners also vary in their design of the cushion. Some have higher armrests and more of a headrest than others. Some can lean farther back than others. They can have different kinds of cushions, so some recliners will be softer than others and some are more supportive and firm. You will need to sit in many different kinds of chairs to decide what is most comfortable for you. When you are deciding on a chair, be sure that you sit in it for a long time to ensure that it is still comfortable for you after an extended period of time. 

Recliners come in all sizes. You will need to measure the spot where the recliner goes. You will need two separate measurements — how much space the chair can take up when it is upright and how much room you have for a reclined chair. Before you commit to a chair, measure it with your tape measure and make sure that it will fit in the spot. You do not want to get stuck with a chair that does not have the space to fully extend to a reclined position. 

Choosing the Look

While the comfort of the chair is the most important factor in finding the right recliner, you will also need to consider how the recliner will look in your house. If your home has a color scheme or a specific design that it sticks to, find a color and a material that will suit the design of your home. Think about where the chair will be in your room and how it will look there. It might even help to take a picture of the area where the chair will be and bring it with you to the store. You can then look exactly at the decorations and wall hangings that will be around the chair to make sure it matches. If you want, you can even ask for specific colors and materials for recliners in Edmonton and they may be able to find the perfect recliner for you.

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